December 1 - POC Seminar

January 1 - POC Seminar

March 1-3 - POC Convention

April 1-3 - POC Convention


Its our intention that together we help you create a new context for your life. A context in which you live your life powerfully and purposefully. How do you do that you ask?  We believe it is accomplished through the education, and often times, ‘unlearning’ and re-creation of new ways of being.  This site has been created, (with purpose, and joy) to give you access to new tools and materials that will enable you to completely transform the old ‘context’ in which you have been living, and create a new context in which you will consciously choose to be true to yourself, and ultimately live the life you deserve to be living.  You know - the one you’ve been dreaming of your whole life. 

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